Studio Milla Nummikoski is an independent creative studio working in the fields of urban development, architectural concept design and public art in construction.

The studio’s mission is to provide clients across the construction industry with creative ideas to make better urban environment through targeted solutions. The studio’s work encompasses architectural and urban design, concept development both in area and building scale, public art programs and competition material, and also architectural communication and print production to gather and present the concepts and ideas in visually clear form.

The founder Milla Nummikoski has received her MSc in Architecture from Aalto University in 2010. She has also studied in the professional programs on Public art, Creative entrepreneurship and Management in the free field of arts in University of the Arts Helsinki. She has an extensive practical experience in the functional and spatial development of cities and a long background in visual arts. Her work experience includes diverse development projects for built environment both for the public and the private sector, many of them connected with cultural premises and contemporary art that have acted as an important part of the development and improvements.

Currently Milla Nummikoski is working as the director of The Finnish Artists’ Studio Foundation managing and developing working spaces for visual artists across Finland. She is also a founding partner in NUPU Planning architectural company which is focusing on land use planning in urban context.


Architectural design and concept development · Urban design and area planning · Public art programs · Architectural communication and print production